​Mini $45

​Deep Cleansing $75

Clarifying $80

Cleanse, exfoliate, and steam follwed by extractions and one mask. Perfect for people who are on the go or who suffer from frequent breakouts.  35 min 

Maintain the ideal health of your skin through hydrating, balancing, and nourishing products that will help those whose skin has become a bit lackluster and dull. Awaken and brighten your skin with this revitalyzing treatment.  

Soothe. Target. Correct. I will concentrate on extractions and acne specific products to help reduce inflammation and the frequency of breakouts. First mask is generally upgraded to an acne fighting enzyme.  

Enzyme Peel $55

Back Treatment $50

Solid Gold Age Defying $85

This mild peel is used to improve the skins barrier function, remove excess dead cells, clear pores and smooth the skin, leaving behind a radient complexion.  

Breakouts on the back are treated much like a mini facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, and extractions are followed with one healing mask to help rid your skin of the bacteria causing the issue.  

Repair. Protect. Prevent. Combat the effects of aging with products made to specifically address elasticity. 24k gold infused masks and serums are used in conjunction with other antioxidant rich products that will promote collagen regrowth, tissue repair, and firmness.  

Clinical Acne Peel $90

Designed to calm and correct acne prone skin. This treatment will decongest and refine pores, reduce irritation, and help combat future breakouts; all while stimulating cellular renewal. Available on chest and back as well.  

Vitamin C Facial $80

This facial focuses on repairing damage and stress caused by the sun. The use of Vitamins C and A are known to help reduce hyperpigmentation such as sun and age spots. 

Advanced Treatments

​Microneedling  $110

​Microdermabrasion $100

Acupuncture Facial $100

This is a minimaly invasive treatment where hundreds of micro-channels are created to mimic injury, which in turn promotes tissue repair and collagen production, improving elasticity. The treatment is used in conjunction with high quality serums to address aging, scarring, and/or hyperpigmentation, followed by a repairative masque. 3-4 treatments are recommended. 

Tiny crystals will exfoliate the skin to make way for smoother and brighter skin. Ideal for dull, rough, and sun damaged skin. this treatment includes dermaplaning, a masque, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Add a peel for only $20 more. 

Punctures created stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory system, which work together to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, nourishing from the inside out. This evens out your complexion and promotes a healthy glow. As an added bonus, the microtraumas stimulate the production of collagen , helping improve elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dermaplaning $45

Dermaplaning w/ Anti Aging and Revitalyzing Peel $90

This is a method of exfolaition using a tool to gently scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. This also enables high quality serums to penetrate more effectively, giving you the most out of ours, and hopefully your, products. 

​*Rezenerate Nano Infusion Facial $150

The combination of dermaplane exfoliation and chemical peel solution is a great way to minimize the appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging. This will also smooth out rough textured skin and fade hyperpigmentation, while stimulating collagen regrowth and elastin remodeling. 

Non invasive but highly result oriented treatment. The goal is infusing- through microchannels- the highest quality products available into the deepest dermal layers of your skin, targeting whatever specific issue you want to address whether it be acne, scarring, pigmentation, or aging. This specialized service ends with LED and Infrared light for a bonus round of healing. Collagen production, tissue repair, and hydration are just a few key features of this registered and trademarked treatment that can be used on all skin types.  Add dermaplaning for $35
 After many requests, Botox and filler are now available with our Dermatology Nurse Practioner, Loren!
Botox is an injectible that can be used to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscle in the injection site. Perfect for those lines between your eyes, above your lips, or on your forehead! 
Filler is used to do just that, fill! Facial volume loss can be addressed and plumpness can be restored, giving a more youthful appearance. Filler can be used in the cheeks, lips, or in deeper lines and wrinkles. Most treatments can and will be done immediately following your consulatation. 
A form of SEMI permanent makeup, microblading provides a means to fully or partially camouflage sparce eyebrow hair. Simulate hair by making light scores/strokes on the surface of your skin and then depositing a semi permanent pigment. Oily skin types can enjoy a new set of amazing eyebrows on average for nine months. Dryer skin types can generally enjoy new brows for around a year and a half. An anesthetic is used topically to make the procedure completely tolerable. Two visits are needed. First is around 2 hours. Second (6 weeks later) is 1-1.5. Price includes both visits; $350 for the 1st and $50 for the second 


​​Eyebrow $15

  Arm $25

​​ Underarm $20

  Bikini Line/Full Leg Combo $70

Chin $12

Full Leg $50/ Upper or Lower Leg $25

Lip $12

  Bikini Line $25

Bikini Line/Upper or Lower Leg Combo $60

​Eyebrow/Chin/Lip Combo $35

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Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint $25

Create a more dramatic look or simply add some color that is currently lacking. 

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint Combo $45

Add a touch of color to both your eyelashes and brows! No need to spend extra time in the morning applying mascara or brow powder. 
Skin Tag Removal $15 per tag

Safetly remove unwanted tags with no downtime. 
Organic Spray Tan 
Come get a hand sprayed tan using one of the best spray tan solutions on the market. Be confident knowing you won't leave with a fake orange color but rather a warm golden brown hue. Perfect for vacations, weddings, grad parties, or a simple pick me up to the winter time blues. It's never a bad time to look like you've just come back from somewhere exotic!
*I ask that you shower, exfoliate, wax/shave before your visit to ensure an even coat. Please also come without lotion, perfume or deodorant, as they may act as a barrier and affect the quality of the tan. If any dry areas need to be addressed, I will do so at time of appointment. You may dress down to whatever you are comfortable with. Very little or nothing at all. Know that I do have disposables on hand if needed. 6-8 hours is necessary for full development. Depending on activities following, you can get anywhere from 5-10 days out of your tan
​Full Body Tan $30

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